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We can take care of the appointments.
Just show up and close deals.

100% Money back guarantee.

The lead is yours. Exclusively.

You don't have to compete with other companies. You're the only one getting that lead from us.

All of our leads are verified, and their appointments are scheduled.

Or your money back.
Your full payment.

We guarantee.

step 1

We schedule the estimate

We verify the lead, talk with the client, and schedule the estimate – based on your availability.


step 2

Show up and close the deal

Take the measurements, negotiate your estimate, and close the deal. It's that simple.


step 3

Get ready for the next one

We're working nonstop for you. A truckload of leads is waiting for you. Get ready.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your questions and start making a lot more. Today.

How does the lead generation service work?

We provide you with verified leads for clients seeking kitchen and bathroom remodeling, fireplace installations, and other related projects. You decide in what you want to work. The area you want to work. And we take care of the rest.

What kind of leads can I expect?

Expect exclusive high-quality leads actively looking for construction and remodeling services in their homes. You're the only one getting that lead from us. Just show up and close the deal.

Can I choose the types of projects I receive leads for?

Absolutely. You can specify your preferences for project types to ensure the leads match your business's expertise. You decide when, where, and in what you want to work on.

How are the leads verified?

Each lead has to undergo a thorough verification process to ensure they are relevant and interested in your services. We schedule appointments based on your availability and confirm them all. And if you're running late, you can change the appointment at any time.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with your service?

Just send us a message. There are no strings attached. We will offer you a full refund. No questions asked. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How many leads will I receive?

We guarantee at least 5 leads every month. Depending on your services, area, and availability, the sky is the limit. We have clients receiving more than 25 estimate appointments per month.


We guarantee at least 5 leads a month. Or your money back.

$495 / month

Exclusive leads, no competition

5 leads per month – minimum

No limits  of leads

$1,495 / month

Exclusive leads, no competition

15 leads per month – minimum

No limits  of leads

$4,495 / year

All the monthly benefits

60 leads per year – minimum

3 months for free


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